Edna Iordache Disclosure

Dr Edna Iordache is a surgical resident in orthopedics and traumatology, currently based in Bucharest, Romania.

In her first year of residency, she had the unique chance to apply for a one-year fellowship in Basel, Switzerland, where she worked as a research assistant at Kantosspital Ballenad, Bruderholz, under Prof. Dr Michael T. Hirschamann’s guidance. There is where she had the opportunity to conduct her own projects, primarily focused on the knee joint. Later, she started to work as a peer-reviewer for KSSTA and was awarded the Best Reviewer Award 2021.

After returning to Bucharest, she restarted at her initial hospital (ELIAS University Emergency Hospital).  In parallel,  she became a member of SRATS Romania, and continued her passion for research and education under Dr Codorean Bogdan’s supervision, at Monza Metropolitan Hospital, with a special focus on sports injuries and the use of Ligament Augmentation and Reconstruction Systems (LARS) in acute knee and ankle injuries.

She has no conflict of interest to disclose.