Dear Friends of JEO,

This journal was created as the official basic science journal of ESSKA and its aims are to bridge the gap between orthopedic basic science and clinical research, but the target of the journal has changed significantly, giving more space to clinical studies, however, without neglecting the original focus.

These months as the Editor-in-Chief of JEO have been challenging but already full of satisfactions; we are receiving an increasing number of manuscripts and the most interesting among them reaches our publication standards and can be easily downloaded and shared by the scientific community.

We are now interested in all fields of orthopedics, as much as the main ESSKA journal KSSTA. For this reason, we implemented a system that permits authors, whose manuscripts are not suitable for KSSTA, to submit their revised work directly to JEO, skipping the first revision process. This strategy allows researchers to get their work peer-reviewed and published faster.

Thanks to these strategies it is possible to see that the scientific quality of the submitted papers is rapidly growing, therefore our aim is to obtain an impact factor soon; this would confirm the value of our journal among the orthopedic community.

As the number of submissions is increasing, our reviewer team is collecting more and more members so that the revision process can be kept as fast as possible. A special thanks goes to these dedicated researchers, and currently we are happily accepting spontaneous application to review papers for JEO.

Another important feature of JEO is the fact that we are periodically inviting some of the most important researchers in the field to publish their expert opinion on some hot topic, I do believe that these special papers will be appealing for the readers.

Thank to all for their interest in our journal.

Prof. Stefano Zaffagnini

JEO Editor-in-Chief